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All Time Favorites

New Orleans, LA

This girl right here, is pretty lucky. Not only have I been to New Orleans on multiple occasions, I get to go every year for work, and they pay for it! But I don't just stay for work, I usually add a few days onto the trip because that's how I do. On my multiple trips to NOLA- I've been with groups, just with Joe, to Jazzfest in April, but most of the time with work- which is for a conference that goes on in July. Is July the ideal time to visit New Orleans? Actually no, it might be the worst because it is SO HOT. Jazzfest in April was probably the ideal time- it was still in the 80's but pleasant compared to the humidityfest that is July there. Here are some of my favorites and travel tips for NOLA:

- Breakfast spots:

I end up at the Ruby Slipper every damn time, it's just too good! There are 2 locations downtown. You will have to wait but it's worth it trust me. Last trip, my friends and I before Jazzfest stopped at Canal street bistro for breakfast and it also ended up high on my list of places to go back to. Not in the French Quarter, by Tulane University on the way to the fairgrounds, but really worth going out of your way for.

Also Cafe Du Monde is a must for a quick breakfast bite- beignet and a coffee can be the best way to start your day!

- Dinner spots: OMG the food here is just too good, you really really can't go wrong. The touristy dinner spots are actually touristy for a reason- they are all amazing. This is really hard to narrow down!

Coquette on Magazine street (again out of the Quarter) is pretty impressive and in a beautiful, converted, row home. Good for something a little fancier than gumbo.

Kingfish in the quarter also good for something a little fancy.

Acme Oyster House to satisfy the tourist in you. Another wait most likely but really good seafood and atmosphere.

- Where to Drink: NOLA is really all about the drinking amirite? Some of my go-to spots are (all located in the French Quarter):

Coop's, which is also great for dinner. I always end up with a seat at the bar- the vibe is pure New Orleans, and the bartenders are always interesting.

The Patio at Pat O' Brien's - you can't go to New Orleans and not go here. Get the hurricane, don't get it, whatever just hang out and soak up the sun and vibes here!

Erin Rose- it's a total dive, so if you aren't into that just get their frozen irish coffee to go. It's delicious.

Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone - if you need some air conditioning, stop in this bar for a quick spin on their rotating bar (yes, like a carousel, but not fast!)

Cane and Table - rum drinks! Cute patio in the back. Close to Coop's!

Port of Call - dive bar, great drinks, chill scene

- Where to Stay: If you want to be in the thick of it- anywhere in the French Quarter will do. If you want to be close but not in it- look for something along the Mississippi River (you'll still be just a few blocks from all the madness). If you want to be just a tad further from the craziness, try to rent an Airbnb in the Warehouse district or in Marigny. Either way, you'll still only be a mile or two out from Bourbon Street!

Other spots worth checking out in NOLA:

- Marigny: Past the quarter is an area called Marigny. They have their own little restaurant scene going on, but much more residential. An architecture tour on your own is worth the trip, the houses are classic NOLA. If you are looking for a pool for a swim and a scene, check out the Country Club here (LGBT friendly). You could easily spend a day here- pool bar, restaurant, salt water pool, lots of lounge chairs.

-French Market: Great shopping for trinkets, or grabbing a quick bite to eat.

-Bourbon Street: Duh

-Frenchman's Street: When you have had your fill of Bourbon Street and want to see some real live NOLA jazz, head to the bar's here.

-Esplanade Ave: Another street to check out, treelined with gorgeous NOLA mansions

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