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What's Iceland like? I don't even know how to answer this question, because it's like no place I've ever been. The way I usually describe it- it's like being on the moon. I went in late September, so the weather was pretty great, considering I was in a place called Iceland. It was in the 50's and 60's during the day, dropped to about mid-30s at night, lots of sunlight (I think it got dark around 10pm and then rose again around 5am), not too windy, no rain, pretty damn nice in my opinion! I did a quick trip with a couple lady friends- we flew in overnight Thursday, arrived Friday morning, and left Monday afternoon. Which honestly, I thought was the perfect amount of time. You only need a good 2-3 days in Iceland to get the gist of it. The main town is Reykjavik, we stayed at a Hilton which was on the main strip, easy walking distance to many bars and restaurants in the downtown area. Lately, there have been a ton of deals with cheap flights from the US to Iceland, which is awesome. However, once you get to Iceland, be aware, all the money you saved on that cheap flight, you will now be spending at bars and restaurants. It is not cheap here. Again, why spending 2-3 days is all you need! Also, no shots to Reykjavik- which is super cute, looks like Lego land from above and you should totally tour- but it will only kill a half a day- it's really not big. You want to do excursions here, which also cost money, but are worth it because half the fun of Iceland is checking out the countryside. We did the Golden Circle Tour, the Northern Lights Tour, and finished with a trip to the Blue Lagoon.

Golden Circle Tour- Pingvellir National Park (think tectonic plates, largest national lake), Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir hot springs. About a half day bus tour, includes lunch usually. The countryside of Iceland is crazy- gas coming out from random craters, the waterfalls are so powerful and huge, the hot springs are wild- really worth checking out!

Northern Lights tour- Northern lights not guaranteed so ask which times of year is best to catch them, then decide if this tour is right for you. Otherwise, it literally consists of being bussed an hour outside of Reykjavik, standing at the side of the road, looking up at the sky for an hour, then returning to your hotel. Did I see the Northern Lights? I think so? They said I did! They kind of looked like wispy clouds.

Blue Lagoon- this is best to do on your way to the airport, because it's really close, and then you get a free (sort of) ride to the airport, but with a stop at an amazing spa on the way! The Blue Lagoon is a huge huge huge natural hot tub. An entrance fee gets you into the facility, and you can swim around, put mud from the bottom of the geothermal floor on your face, and relax. They also offer everything else typical spas do- so get a massage or professional facial while you're at it. Or just grab some lunch/dinner at the on-site restaurant. Then shower off and head to the airport- you'll leave on a high note this way.

Other things to do in Reykjavik:

Nightlife: Reykjavik is a very popular bachelor/bachelorette party destination for the British and Europeans. So you'll party with lots of fun people here. They have lots of pubs, cocktail bars and clubs. I ended up doing karaoke when I went- I swear there is no closing time here so it can get crazy.

Public pools: You can get a public pool pass and hang with the locals. They are open all year, and have more heated pools than not.

Glacier and cave tours: These are really popular. I went to Iceland before I met Joe, so it is on our list to go back and do this for sure!

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