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About Me

Who me? I'm just a girl, who loves to travel. I also love my husband Joe, who actually never traveled before he met me! Crazy! I love my cat Pequeno, that would be the one drawback to traveling so much, leaving her- I hate that. Other hobbies besides traveling? Running, spinning (I teach part-time), exploring/walking/biking cities, eating and drinking at various restaurants, catching up with friends. I love hosting parties, therefore if I can get a group to travel with me that's always fun- and I don't mind planning everything!

How I started traveling: it started out pretty basic. A trip to Cancun for graduation here, Ft. Lauderdale for spring break there, a ski trip to Quebec in high school, but the travel bug really hit me when my friend convinced me to go to Amsterdam. and I just fell in love with Europe. Then, it was ON! That was about 10 years ago, and I have been on a tear ever since. 

Friends and family ask us all the time- how do we afford all this travel? It really comes down to being practical and living life within our means. It doesn't hurt we are a couple of DINCs (double income no children) in our 30s, but we don't own an expensive house, we share a car, we aren't big shoppers and we work decent jobs. We really don't splurge on much else in our lives except for travel.

Favorite places I've discovered so far (I will try to scale this back but it's hard):

Europe: Greece (I've been 3 times now), Italy (also been 4 times), and Barcelona

Island: Kauai, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Central America: Costa Rica

Canada: Montreal

USA: Estes Park in Colorado, any California beach

Places I hope to go to in the next few years: Croatia, Vancouver, Banff, Utah, back to Greece, back to Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile

With this site, I'm hoping it will accomplish a few things:

  • Help me document the travels I've been on, so I can look back and relive it all

  • Help others get ideas on where to travel/how to navigate certain places based on my experiences

  • Hear about others travels and get ideas from them on where to go and what to do

I'm hoping I can get my husband to comment on our travels together as well, to give people a guy's perspective- and get my friends and family to participate so people can see a wide range of ideas suited for different tastes, budgets and ages.

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